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          Elmbrook Donates Supplies to Milwaukee Rescue 任务

          On 十二月ember 2, a total of 655 purses, bags and backpacks were delivered to the Milwaukee Rescue 任务's Joy House for the 1,000 Purses Project on behalf of those in need in the Milwaukee area this winter. The bags were filled with blankets, health and beauty essentials, restaurant gift cards, and other valuable items for homeless individuals and families in Milwaukee, generously donated by Elmbrook students, staff, and community members.

          The project was led by Central Administrative Office's Jean Loepfe and Key Club members from both high schools helped assemble the supplies into the purses and bags. The rescue mission will display the purses and bags on shelving units and guests are able to pick one out for the holiday. Any remaining purses are distributed throughout the cold winter months.

          This is Elmbrook's fifth year of contributing to this cause and the largest donation to date. Thank you to all who participated!


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