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          Elmbrook Schools Logo


          The mission of the 1 student to 1 device (1:1) program in Elmbrook is to support an engaging learning environment for all learners with consistent and dedicated access to technology. The vision for technology is to seamlessly support personalized learning for every student.

          Student Technology and Applications

          All students in grades 3-12 are provided a chromebook for use at school and at home during the school year in order to help personalize their learning experience. Students in grades KG-2 may also be assigned a device to support their learning as well. Below are a list of key applications accessible to all Elmbrook students, also available through MyElmbrook.

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          username @elmbrookstudents.org


          Infinite Campus logo

          Infinite Campus is used to capture student and family contact information, course schedules, assignment and course grades (6-12), and attendance and behavior. Students and families can use the IC Portal or Smartphone App to monitor academic progress, change contact information, and check course schedule and locker information.

          Canvas logo

          Canvas is the District's web-based course platform, presenting course content for students in many courses. Content may include documents, presentations, resource links to websites, quizzes, assignments and class discussion boards. Students are enrolled in courses by their classroom teachers and can access Canvas through the web or through the Smartphone App.


          MyElmbrook is the School District's web portal that is accessible from the District's homepage (www.elmbrookschools.org) and presents students and staff with links to many of the key applications listed in this table. In addition, some links will automatically login the user without requiring a username/password.

          Follett Destiny logo

          Destiny is the District's library catalog system, Destiny presents the availability of all paper-based and eBook content in one location. Students can check for available titles and confirm what is currently checked out to them and/or overdue.


          Typing Agent

          Typing Agent is a District Keyboarding application available to students in grades K-5. Students can work through the modules and levels at their own pace while at school and at home.

          Discovery Education logo

          Discovery offers video content in science and social studies, this tool can be used to conduct research, explore interests, and can be integrated into presentations. Produced by the Discovery Channel, this is high-quality content for students and staff.


          BadgerLink logo

          Badgerlink is a directory of educational, children's, and government sites, online newspapers and magazines, promoting high quality resources. It is a great place to start when beginning a research project.

          Digital Citizenship & Internet Filtering

          The School District of Elmbrook uses technology resources (tablets, laptops, desktops, Google Apps, e-mail, etc.) to support and enhance student learning. Digital Citizenship and information literacy skills are taught to all students. The District's Digital Citizenship curriculum can be found here.

          Appropriate Use

          Expectations for responsible use are briefly described in the bullet points below, and in more detail in the linked Board policies. These expectations are to be reviewed regularly with students in order to insure the safety of our students and to make the best use of the District's investment in technology.

          Digital citizenship will be taught to students in grades KG - 12, and will be based on the following five conditions. Families are also encouraged to support these behaviors and expectations at home.

          • I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will select online names that are appropriate, I will consider the information and images that I post online. I will consider what personal information about my life, experiences, and/or relationships I post. I will not be obscene.
          • I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me. I will protect passwords, accounts and resources.
          • I will show respect to others. I will not use electronic mediums to antagonize, bully, harass or stalk other people. I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites, I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate. I will not abuse my rights of access and I will not enter other people's private spaces or areas.
          • I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications; I will moderate unacceptable materials and conversations, and not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate.
          • I will request permission to use resources. I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media etc. I will acknowledge all primary sources and respect copyright guidelines. I will validate information. I will use and abide by the fair use rules. I will act with integrity.

          Student use of technology is guided by three District Policies:

          • Student Appropriate Use of Technology - detailing expectations of safe, responsible and learning-focused use of devices (such as chromebooks, PCs and iPads) and software (such as Google Apps).
          • Copyright - Respecting the work of others and not claiming it as your own. This includes images/pictures found on the internet, music, papers submitted by others, and copying others' thoughts and ideas without citing the source as a reference.
          • Children's Internet Protection Act - the District takes seriously its responsibility to keep children safe when using technology. This is evident through our instruction of students about protecting your personal information and avoiding communication with people you do not know, as well as filtering out inappropriate internet traffic at home and school.

          Internet Filter

          Insuring the safety of our students while using District technology at school and at home is critical to the District's 1:1 program. The following safeguards are in place to support our mission of safe and responsible use:

          1. All student devices, iPads and Chromebooks, issued by the District pass through our Internet filter both at school and at home, before accessing the Internet.
          2. All internet traffic is recorded and monitored for suspicious/harmful activity.
          3. Only students with @elmbrookstudents.org accounts, or staff with @elmbrookschools.org accounts can login to the Chromebooks. Personal google accounts cannot be used on District-issued chromebooks.
          4. Students are instructed to report suspicious activity to a teacher or administrator that may be harmful to themselves or others.
          5. Families have access their child's internet activity through the Securly Parent Portal. Logins are emailed to families during the first week of school.

          Smartphone Apps and Home Printing

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          here.Those students with SMART phones may want to consider installing some or all of the Apps listed below to support your work in the classroom.



          Android - iPhone

          Description: Manage your email, calendar events and contacts

          Setup Info:

          Email Address: ____(your username)@elmbrookstudents.org
          Password: your normal login password


          Google Drive logo Google Drive

          Android - iPhone

          Description: Manage or contribute photos or files created on your Phone to your Google Drive

          Setup Info:
          Email Address: ____(your username)@elmbrookstudents.org
          Password: your normal login password


          canvas logo Canvas

          Android - iPhone

          Description: Submit assignments, receive notifications on class announcements, discussion board comments

          Setup Info:
          School/District: Elmbrook Schools
          Network Username: login name used on a school computer or your email address
          Password: your normal login password

          Click here to learn how to your smart phone (e.g. text alerts) notification preferences in Canvas.


          infinite campus logo Infinite Campus

          Android - iPhone
          Description: Monitor assignments or grades

          Setup Info:

          District Code: FYGGMF
          Username: login name used on a school computer
          Password: your normal login password


          nutrislice logo Nutrislice

          Android - iPhone

          Description: Food Service Menu for each school's daily lunch menu and nutritional information

          Setup Info:
          School/District: Elmbrook Public Schools
          Accept the License Agreement
          Select your School


          google docs logo Google Docs

          Android - iPhone

          Description: Create and edit documents

          Setup Info:

          Email Address: ____(your username)@elmbrookstudents.org
          Password: your normal login password



          google slides Google Slides

          Android - iPhone

          Description: Create a presentation right from your smart phone.

          Setup Info:
          Email Address: (your username)@elmbrookstudents.org
          Password: your normal login password


          Student Technology Device Use Agreement

          The School District of Elmbrook expects all students to follow the guidelines set forth in Policy 6177, the Appropriate Use of Technology. In addition, elementary students and their families are provided more specific expectations and asked to review the Technology Device Use Agreement and confirm acceptance using this form.

          Key Contacts

          Chris Thompson
          Chief Strategy Officer 262-781-3030 x1163

          Dan Scott
          Director of Technology,
          262-781-3030 x1166

          Michelle Schmitz
          Student Information Team
          262-781-3030 x1191

          Jean Loepfe
          Help Desk
          262-781-3030 x1411

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