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          School Reopening Task Force

          On Tuesday, June 9, the School 区’s Board of Education approved Board President's proposed membership for the School Reopening Task Force, charged to present guidance and recommendations to the 板 of Education regarding conditions to open, and requirements to operate, our schools on September 1, 2020. 

          The task force will consist of parents, staff members, 区 vendors, representatives from the 板 of Education, and our community.

          Thank you to the 253 people who submitted their name for task force membership. 

          School Reopening Task Force Updates

          The School Reopening Task Force will hold its fourth meeting on 七月y 28, at 6pm. This meeting will be conducted virtually and in-person, with task force members split between the two modes of delivery. The in-person meeting will be held at Brookfield Central but is not open to the public due to space constraints and safety protocols. All community members can watch the meeting live (or on demand) from the 区's YouTube频道. The meeting agenda is linked 这里 and the presentation is linked 这里

          阅读更多 about 七月y 28 Agenda and Presentation

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